Frequently asked questions

  • What do I need to bring to the newborn session?

  • You really don’t need to bring anything. I have about 25 different blanket colors (more natural tones without patterns), lots of cute newborn bows, beanies for boys. You can bring a simple white onesie or outfit for your newborn if you are doing family pictures with your baby. Other than that I have almost everything you will need!

  • How soon after the baby is born should I schedule my session?

  • I typically like to take pictures within 12 days of the baby being born, but I will never turn down a baby because they are too old!

  • What kind of props are used for the session?

  • I like to keep my newborn sessions pretty simple with a lot of neutral colors, white backdrops to keep the focus completely on the baby. I do not use a lot of props, but I do have 3 adorable wooden baskets to choose from for a few basket shots of the baby. Most images will be taken on a beanbag with a white or cream colored backdrop.

  • How should I pay for the session?

  • Cash, check or I can send you an invoice the night before your session to pay with your card online.

  • Can I bring my own blankets or props to use?

  • Absolutely! These are your pictures and I want you to have exactly what you want!

I hope everyone can be relaxed and comfortable during newborn sessions and not stressed at all! When you just had a baby you don’t need to stress about whether the baby will go to the bathroom on my blanket or props, because they most likely will haha and it’s completely fine and normal! I am extremely patient and have 3 kids under 5 years! I encourage feeding the baby whenever you want and like to take as much time as we need to get images of your special little one.